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Will (Advance Directive)

Advance Directive - Living Will Example
Advance Directive - Living Will Example

Everyone should create and keep a Living Will (Advance Directive) to have someone designated to make medical or financial decisions for you if you are unable to yourself. They are very easy to fill and complete. 

Making a Living Will

(Advance Directive)

What is a Living Will?

Unlike designating your assets with a Last Will, a Living Will is also known as an Advance Directive, is a legal document that informs medical staff and first responders your wishes regarding what life-saving measures you do and/or do not want to save or prolong your life. Your Living Will only goes into effect if you were ever in a vegetative state or coma that is deemed to be irreversible and you can no longer make decisions on your own. A Living Will also covers the end-of-life pain management and comfort measures you want to be administered during the last living phase of your life. It ensures that your medical professionals know and understand your end-of-life requests.

What’s in a Living Will?

A Living Will outlines your healthcare wishes in relation to a myriad of multiple medical situations. Some of the decisions you will need to make may include:
  • Whether or not you want life-saving protocols withheld or withdrawn if you are in an unchanging vegetative state.
  • Whether or not you need specific conditions to be fulfilled before life-prolonging care is provided, withheld, or withdrawn.
  • Whether or not you consent to donate some or all of your organs or your body to science for medical research.
  • You may also include any additional or special requests not listed in the document.

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