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Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament example
Last Will and Testament example

Everyone should create and keep a Free Will & Testament whether you have a to of assets or not. They are very easy to fill and complete. 

Making a Last Will and Testament

Your Last Will and Testament will enable you to have full control over what will happen to your whole estate (which includes your money, all of your property, and any other assets) after your death. In your will, you can also define each asset, name your beneficiaries, you can assign guardians for your young children, and also appoint an executor to administer your final wishes. If you pass away without a valid-active will, the future of your estate is put into the hands of the probate court.

After you make your will, it will be legally binding by signing it with your witnesses. State laws may vary with respect to how many witnesses are required, whether oral wills are considered valid wills, and other specific details will also be outlined. Don’t forget to also get your FREE Living Will (Advance Directive) for legal assignment of decision making concerning medical & financial decisions.

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