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My Personal Life insurance story...


i receive some bad news

11 years ago (in the Fall of 2010 – while dually working at the hospital & licensed as an insurance consultant), I had a new diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes (This was the initial diagnosis. However 3 months later, because I overcame by prayer, diet & exercise, and doing my own research rather than settling for what the doctors were telling me, I improved my health so well the doctors told me, “maybe you were actually Type 2 diabetic, lol). In October 2010, When I was first diagnosed, my blood sugar was over 900 and my A1C was close to 14! I was 255 lbs and in bad shape. All I could think about at the time while laying in that hospital bed was my oldest son (who was 3 years old at the time). I didn’t want him to grow up without his Daddy. I had never been so afraid. I knew I had to make some changes with my health. My son was depending on me.

I knew better…

At the time, I was preaching to everyone else about the importance of having “YOUR OWN” life insurance policy not just a group life insurance policy, but I didn’t even OWN my own policy; “YOUR OWN” means YOU OWN the policy, not your employer. Why is this important? Because if you ever quit, get laid off, terminated, or the company goes under, YOU LOSE that insurance policy, including all of the premiums paid into it, leaving you with nothing!

I lost it all

This is exactly what happened to me. I was laid off from that position I had working at the hospital. I had no insurance at all. No health benefits and no life insurance and on top of that I was evicted. I lost everything. I had no money saved o 401k or retirement. I was broke. If something happened to me at that time, family members would have had to set up a GoFundMe or pull money from their own savings to pay for my funeral arrangements. Which on average, cremation is roughly around $3,000 ad burial is around $10,000. These costs double every 7-10 years. So it’s not cheap per-say. After trying to apply to dozens of companies at the time, most companies wouldn’t touch my application because it was still fairly new-onset as well as the fact that I was diagnosed before the age of 35 years old. With most carriers, this is an automatic decline when applying for term life insurance.

Some Insurance is better than none…

So in 2015, I finally got a Final Expense policy with Mutual of Omaha. It was only a $35,000 death benefit, but it was something. And something is always better than nothing when it comes to having life insurance to pay for burial expenses or leaving behind some cash for the people you love and care about most.

Saved By Grace

I was only 32 years old when this happened to me. It could have been worse. My younger brother had type 2 and his sugar was 200 points lower than mine and he was in a coma for 2 weeks. My dad had part of his foot amputated and had a kidney transplant due to diabetes complications. I know people personally who have died because of complications of diabetes, including my father-in-law and a very close cousin of mine. She was only in her twenties when she passed away. I am truly blessed to be given another chance. I don’t take God’s Amazing Grace for granted.

My Pride Cost Me

I knew about life insurance and its importance, obviously because I was selling insurance. However, because of my foolish PRIDE, I thought because I was young and I FELT healthy, that I had time…” to think about it”. Well, unfortunately, sometimes we have to learn life’s lessons the hard way. Not only did I lose my perfect health status, but I also lost a lot of time, which caused me to have to pay more money on a small amount of insurance coverage. If I had gotten the insurance earlier before my MIB (Medical Information Bureau) record got tainted, I would be paying much lower premiums with a better policy. The monthly premium I was paying for that $35,000 final expense policy was equivalent to a $500,000 term policy!

New life Insurance

(Hence, this is why this is the name of my company). I’m currently in the process now of getting a better policy due to the fact that this situation was 11 years ago and my health has drastically improved. After only 6 months of being on medication back in 2010/2011, I was able to get completely off of the prescriptions. No more insulins or Metformin! I went from 255 pounds down to 195 pounds in only 60 days! Not everyone will be as disciplined to improve their situation as I was. I completely cut out red meats, sugars, processed foods, and the rest of the junk that we put in our bodies that cause us to be/stay in bad health. I was at the gym 6-7 days a week. I took massive action. I’m glad I did because now I’m in a better position to get better coverage. For this new policy, I still have to take a Paramed (health exam, blood work, urine test) ordered by the insurance company. However, at least I have a chance to get a higher coverage limit that would not only pay for my final expenses & burial costs but also leave a handsome amount for my wife and kids.

Please hear my heart

I know people don’t like to feel pressured to do anything. I’m not trying to pressure you now. However, I implore you to take action before it’s too late. We all think we have so much time to do things. The bible promises us that tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us (Provers 27:1Luke 12:13-21 & James 4:13-15) amplified version. We see this is true just in the last 18 months with Covid19. Millions of people thought they would go to their kids’ graduation, or be a part of their kid’s wedding, or take that vacation they planned for, or see their kids grow old and have their own kids. However, their lives were cut short. We don’t know when The Good Lord will call us home. You may become uninsurable or worse you may die while you are trying to think about if you need insurance to take care of your loved ones. If you have a spouse and/or kids or other family members that depend on you, that’s all you should have to think about. Think about how your decision of NOT having something in place will affect them. Now, think about the rewards of having life insurance in place, like having life insurance monies to cover your burial costs and extra money to leave behind to help ensure that your family can maintain their standard of living when you’re gone. God has given you all of the time you need to think about it. Please make a decision today…

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